About Us

Donut I Love U is a result of our family's wish to spend more time together, and to create an income stream that involved all of us.  Mookesh, Mithoon, Lindsey and Rohan set out to create something that would be a work of passion, and love.

  • Mookesh, our patriarch, has a passion for design and teaching.  He is a retired professor Emeritus from Arizona State University.  In addition to being a professor, he has also been a Dean of India School of Design.

  • Lindsey currently works in the insurance industry as an Account Manager, where she uses her Masters in Health Education, to implement healthy practices for her clients.  Most importantly she is the glue that binds our family.

  • Mithoon, is a graduate of ASU and GCU with degrees in Psychology.  Mithoon's passion is food and wine.  He has over 20 years of experience in high end restaurants, and he is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers.

  • Rohan, is a teenager, and he holds a Ph.d. in all things teen.

Why Us?

Ingredients are the key — that is why when it comes to the ingredients for our mini donuts, we are picky. It is our goal to provide our guests with the highest quality donut.  We use premium ingredients for all our donut experiences.  Our base donuts are made using a gluten free mix.  Our fresh fruit toppings are purchased each day to ensure freshness, and we use Ghirardelli products for our sauces.  Our coffee is made to order, and the coffee beans are locally roasted by Black Powder Coffee.